Most of my freelance work is through Comofilm Production. My freelance has ranged from commercials, documentaries, and independent films. Most of the time I help shoot these and I don't edit. That credit (as you can see) goes to Anthony Martinez, but I have done some of my own work. You can find out more about my experiences as a videographer for Comofilm on my blog,

The Dirty Kanza is a gravel bike race in Emporia, Kansas that happens every year. I got to help out with a small profile video of Seth Wood.

Fresh Ideas Food has a holiday party every year and wanted a videographer to help show the fun atmosphere the company has.

I wasn't sure if I should put this under freelance or just make a new category and call this "fun". It was fun, but this technically is still under Comofilm Production so I decided to put this here. The fun thing about this project is that we shot in eight hours and edited in under five .

IFC is run by Greek life at MU. The video was supposed to show that Greek life did know of its faults and knew that it needed to change.

Rainbow House is an organization here in Columbia, Mo that helps kids and teenagers.

This particular project was for a thrift store that was going to be picked up as a reality TV show. The two guys you see in the video wanted a demo of what an episode could look like. It was a weird experience to say the least.